A CONTENTIOUS proposal for more parking bays on Warrnambool’s Raglan Parade centre median strips has been raised again by city councillors Jennifer Lowe and Peter Hulin, who claim the CBD is disadvantaged by parking constraints.
Nanjing Night Net

With council elections seven months away they have revived the concept, which has been raised before by councillors and business groups without being adopted.

They have also suggested hundreds of new parking bays could be created using residential nature strips near the city centre.

“We want a can-do attitude within council,” they said.

“Parking is the most commonly-raised complaint among residents we speak with.

“We believe there should be more free parking spaces on the CBD fringe, which would get workers’ cars out of the centre streets and free up these areas for shoppers.

“With appropriate landscaping, Raglan Parade can still retain its green look without being turned into concrete pads.”

VicRoads has again indicated it would probably not be in favour of the proposal because of safety concerns and the city council said the issue would be covered in its soon-to-be-released city structure plan draft.

However, councillors Lowe and Hulin believe the parade median strips can be changed without increasing safety risks or adding big cost burdens onto ratepayers.

“If Raglan Parade traffic between Banyan and Henna streets is slowed down, more people will go into the CBD,” they said.

“It will also give somewhere for tourists to park on their way through.

“The design could steer pedestrians to cross the road at traffic lights rather than mid-block.”

The councillors claim there would be minimal cost in redesigning Raglan Parade and residential nature strips for parking.

“It’s a very cost-effective way of handling the problem and frees up council finances for bigger projects,” they said.

“There would need to be time limits outside businesses and permits for residents in those areas.” Council indicated the structure plan would be released within weeks and address parking issues.

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