ONCE again, it’s that time of year – the welcoming of a new season.
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For many (myself included), watching the brand new stock rush through the doors of boutiques fills them with excitement and inspiration, and maybe a little worry too regarding how much of their savings will be left by the end of the week.

A change of season can be a time to reflect on our own personal style and what we really love when it comes to fashion. However, it can also be a little overwhelming. We, as consumers, are being thrown ideas and trends left, right and centre on what’s hot and what’s not. Therefore, it’s important to stop and take a breath. Fashion isn’t just about trends and the latest must-have – it’s about you and developing your own style.

Don’t get me wrong, trends are a great inspiration. Think of a trend as a starting point for you to add your own twist and individualise it. You may love one key look of the season, but don’t love every aspect of it. That’s fine. This is where your creativity and own sense of style comes into it.

Mix and match it with pieces you feel express yourself or that you feel comfortable in. A perfect example of this could be the re-merging trend of fur. Yet again, fur is going to be huge this season (of course, we mean faux fur… at least for the majority of the population).

Fur is done by many as a vest. It is an item I have already seen walk out the door within days of it just being un-packed. Sold out. Just like that.

The fur vest is a great example of how you can use a trend to gain inspiration and further develop your personal style. Let’s think of the vest as our base for an outfit. There are countless ways it can be worn. Say you’re more of a feminine type, and you have a particular dress that you absolutely love, and that is your style. Easy. Pop on the dress, whether it be floral (which looks amazing with a cropped black fur vest), a ’50s-style dress, a baby doll-style dress, even a shift dress. Add your vest, layer with a pair of tights, ankle boots, and accessorise with jewellery to express your mood and personality. That is only one example of how you can look to a trend to help develop and define your style.

Let’s say you tend to gravitate towards a tougher and edgier style. There are still countless ways you can incorporate the fur vest into this style. You may have an oversized printed T-shirt that you love to death – that is your style and expresses you perfectly. Start off with the tee, tuck it into a pair of ripped black denim shorts, layer with tights, add boots, a studded clutch, and last but not least, pop on the fur vest. Or maybe your style is about simplicity and a more clean look. Start off with the fur vest, add an oversized shirt, black skinny jeans, a statement necklace, and a black high heel. There is a look that is fresh but sticking to your style and expresses you.

Going into the next season it is about using a new piece that can fit in with your style. It’s not following the trend or a certain look, but using that piece to help create new ways to express your style.

Fur is only one example of how you can look to a new season item to help give your style an update. If fur is not your thing, do not stress, there are many other pieces and looks that you can use for inspiration. Once you figure out what makes you feel comfortable, the rest is up to you for how you dress for the next season. Have fun!

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